Helpful Tips for Early iOS Apps Setup


If you have problems installing old versions of apps like Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Facebook on iPhone 3G or 3GS, do not worry. The old apps will not work with the new iPhone firmware due to compatibility issues and other predicaments. You don’t have to fret if you know that you might have problems with iPhone software. Here are some possible solutions for you presented by¬†AppValley.

Install iTools Apps

appsNow you have created a Cydia app sync app and installed your apps with iTools. You can also use AltStore to install a third-party app. Install the latest version of iTools on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer as it should now appear in iTools. Fortunately, the “Application” option is located in the left sidebar. It is located just below the name of your iPhone. So, you should now prepare your apps for installation.

iPhone apps are known to be in “.ipa”. iPhonecake App Cake and iPhone App Lists are two popular repositories that offer free and older user apps. You already have your favorite fonts for the “.ipa” file. You can use these sources to find the most essential apps. Drag and drop your iPhone apps into the apps panel located in the ideal area of iTools; the apps will be set up automatically.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

appsCydia is located on the home screen of iPhone 3G and 3GS. It has the “Jailbreak” feature. Cydia can identify if your iPhone accepts third-party apps like Appsync. It can also detect which apps are not compatible with your iPhone. If your iPhone is rooted, great! The jailbreak will still work on your iPhone. You cannot install third-party apps or mature versions on a jailbroken iPhone with old iPhone firmware. Appsync is a program that solves this problem. Appsync allows you to install and download applications that go beyond the iPhone’s limits. Appsync can be obtained from various Cydia repositories.

Install Cydia Appsync 4.X.

appsTap the Cydia app on your iPhone to install Appsync, tap Manage. You can now select a repository that interests you. Then, tap Add, you will now be presented with a search box where you can enter your preferred location. In this case, I used the iPhonecake repository. Enter the source of the wiring. Continue and hit Insert again. The selected repository will now be installed. This step can take up to a minute, depending on your internet speed and mailbox availability. If another container is not responding, check the individual repositories. Edit, paste, and use the resources to create your iPhonecake recipe.

Additional Tips

Once the iPhonecake installation is complete, go back to Cydia>Manage>Resources. Your new tab, iPhonecake, should appear in the list. It should be at the top, then scroll down. Look for the app in that list. Don’t be alarmed if the repository appears clean. Click on Refresh to change the cycle. Soon you’ll be able to use the iPhone Pie repository. Appsync must be compatible with the app you choose. For example, App sync should work with different versions of IOS 4X firmware.