Taking Care of Your Eyes

measuring eyesight strength

The eyes play a significant role in providing you with the much-needed vision to carry on with your activities. You can see everything clearly and move with ease. This is one fragile body part which can deny you a lot of things when injured. You should, therefore, take good care of it. Several things can cause harm to your eyes.

Blunt objects can bring out severe injuries to your eyes. You can be hit by external objects which can lead to total or partial blindness. Your eyes are designed to take in a certain amount of light. Excess light can be dangerous to them. It might lead to the damage of your retina, which is the part of the eye sensitive to light.

Smoke is also dangerous to your eyes. It will bring about irritation, and this may lead to one rubbing their eyes more often. The situation is the same with dust which enters your eyes. One condition you can face is night blindness. This is when you are completely not able to see anything even in partial darkness.

Short-sightedness is another condition that may come about as a result of not taking proper care of your eyes. You are notblue eyes able to see objects that are at a far distance. There are several things you can do to ensure your eyes are always in the perfect condition. They include:

Healthy Eating

The kind of food you eat helps improve the status of your eyes. Food rich in vitamins is the best for your eyesight. Vitamin A is the one responsible for giving you the much-needed vision. You can find this in carrots which also contain beta carotene which plays an essential role in improving your eyesight.

Optical Visits

Going for regular optical visits will also help improve the well-being of your eyes. An optician has the right tools and expertise to detect any condition that your eyes might be facing. They will conduct different tests to check if your vision is in the right state. You should visit your optician regularly to ensure you are in the perfect state.

Regulate Brightness

You should limit the amount of light entering your eyes by regulating the level of brightness of the different things youspectacles are using. From your smartphone, laptop and also television, ensure they all have a standard level of brightness. Drivers are also advised to use standard headlights to avoid impairing the vision of other drivers.…

Health and fitness – weight loss tips for women


Recent studies on health and fitness show that women are at most danger when it comes to weight-related diseases. The explanation for this is simple: women engage less in physical activities than men do. From a reputable health magazine, men are 50% more likely to do physical exercises than women are. At the backdrop of these statistics, we thought a few weight loss tips for women would be in order.

Stay active

gfhgfhgfhgfhfghfghfghIt is easier said than done: leading an active life is not that easy. But if you are willing, and you should, you can nail it. Instead of taking public transport to run your short errands, ride a bicycle. Tide up your backyard during the weekends. You will be amazed how easy it becomes to stay on top of your weight.

Be strict on diet

Being a mom, or just a woman, you cook and serve everything. It is tempting that you would want to cook your favorite meals. You should ask yourself: is what I am cooking a balanced diet? Stick to health food ratios. If you have to, you should seek some guidance from a dietitian. But you already know what and not to eat for the sake of your weight.

Get into exercise teams

fdhfhfghfghfghgfhIf you cannot do it all alone, why not approach your women folk about a fitness group? You will be able to encourage each other, and your weight loss journey will become easier. They also promote the overall health of a woman.

Involve your family

One great way to beat the odds against weight is to bring your family into your journey. Your children or spouse should be more than happy to help you with whatever you need. Take walks and runs as a family. Nothing will be hard to conquer as long as you have your family to fall back to.

It does not have to be rigorous; light exercises will do. To lose or maintain a healthy weight you need some physical exercises. However, it does not have to be rigorous activities. A 3-mile walk three times in a week will hand your victory against weight problems.

Plan your time

It is easier to blame your lack of physical activity on lack of time. But if you could sit down and plan how you spent each day, you will be surprised how much time you have been wasting. In your plan, always include some time to do a few physical exercises.

Cook your own meals

dsdfsdfdsfsdfgfgfhWomen have a thing with junk foods. They love chips and will always welcome a carbonated drink. It is time you tone down on your junk food intake. Take time to cook your meals. Even if it is one meal per day, make sure you do the cooking.

It is not easy to lose weight. It is best if you can stay away from gaining weight. But it is not an offense that you find yourself in a tight weight spot. However, these tips could help all women stay in control over their weight.…

Discover the wonders of vaginal tightening creams


Have you heard about the latest craze when it comes to vaginal health? If you have been reading blogs or watching women’s health shows, then you probably have heard about vaginal tightening creams already. Do these products work? How can women benefit from these creams?

Well, if you do your homework, you will see a lot of women sharing their experiences using the best cream. Many of them have gotten excellent results because they invested in the effective brands.

How can the best vaginal tightening cream benefit you?

As long as you use a safe and effective brand, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Tight vaginal muscles

hjdjhd74There are various reasons why women lose the tightness of their vaginal walls and muscles. It could be due to pregnancy and childbirth, old age, as well as health conditions that affect the private parts of a woman. Leaving such conditions untreated will only make the situation worse, and it is likely that you will end up suffering from not only one medical condition.

With the use of the best tightening cream, your vaginal muscles will be strengthened. They will get firm again like they were when you were in your younger age.

Boosts self-confidence

With a tight vagina, you will become more confident about yourself especially behind closed doors. During intimate moments with your special someone, you will be able to perform better, and most of all, this allows you to satisfy your partner even more as both of you will feel the penetration.

Reduces health risks

Tightening your vagina is not only about increasing your self-confidence. As you strengthen your lady part’s walls and muscles, you are also reducing the health risks. For instance, urinary incontinence can be treated if your muscles down there get stronger. You will also be able to avoid vaginal infections, which can progress if you left them untreated.

Happier life

gshg4dWith all the benefits that we have mentioned above, you will be happier with your life. You no longer need to feel insecure nor afraid that you will lose your partner. Using the best brand of vaginal tightening cream will help you become emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.…

Eye Surgery

LASIK which stands for Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis’ is becoming a common eye surgery procedure nowadays. It is a refractive surgery done on patients suffering from astigmatism, shortsightedness, and farsightedness. It is done to shape the cornea so that the way the eye focuses light rays onto the retina can be improved. If you are settling for this kind of laser eye surgery, there are things you need to understand about it.

What makes a LASIK surgery a good option?

  • So far, it has been proved to work as many people have had their vision corrected through it.
  • Only a little pain is felt during the procedure.
  • Recovering does not take long, and you do not require any stitches or bandages.
  • You can still have further vision correction in later years. Only the possible adjustments are done.
  • For most of the patients, wearing corrective lenses or contacts becomes a choice, not a must.

Why you may hesitate before laser eye surgery is done on you

  • You cannot reverse the changes done to the cornea.
  • If by any chance you require corrections, you will have to undergo other LASIK laser eye surgeries.
  • There are some side effects associated with the procedure. They may include discomfort in the first two days, having difficulties in driving especially at night, vision fluctuation, glare, and dry eyes. You do not have to worry about this very much as with some time, they disappear.

Preparation needed for LASIK laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery consultation is required first before the procedure is done. You want to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure before it is done on you. Here, you need to consult with a doctor to determine your candidacy. You need to discuss your expectations with your doctor. Remember that your expectations need to be realistic so that at the end of the day you do not get disappointed.

What is done during the procedure?

A local anesthetic is required to numb your eye. The doctor then places an eye holder between your eyelids so that they may remain open and prevent you from blinking. For the doctor to lift and flatten the cornea, he places a suction ring on the eye. This also ensures that your eye does not move. This may feel uncomfortable for you, especially from the pressure exerted on your eyelid. You vision may grow dim or even go black because of this.…

Patchouli Oil Uses

Patchouli oil uses are as discussed below, but they are not necessarily limited to them. For example, it can be used to treat dermatitis, eczema and help out with constipation. One thing though, its strong sweet and spicy scent may not go well with some people. Though some may like the smell, long exposure to it may be irritating and unpleasant to others. It is therefore advisable that you do not use it when it’s too strong for too long.

Patchouli oil uses

Anti-aging element

Its astringent property helps to eliminate aging signs and symptoms. It stimulates muscle, nerves and skin contractions. This strengthens the hold of gums on teeth, protects the skin from sagging, prevents loosening of muscle tissue and loss of hair, which are the signs associated with aging. This property helps to stop hemorrhaging by contracting blood vessels too.

Used as an antiseptic

This property makes patchouli oil a good choice when one wants to protect ulcers and wounds from developing infections and becoming septic. For example, if a rusty iron object is what inflicted the wound, tetanus would be the possible infection to develop from it. This is where patchouli oil comes in; it protects the wound against the possibility of developing tetanus.

Used as a sedative

Patchouli oil can be used to soothe inflammation, sedate coughs, convulsions and epileptic attacks brought about by hyper-reactivity and hypersensitivity of nerves. Breakouts from allergies may also be stopped by this oil, as it can sedate the hypersensitivity of the body towards the allergy-causing elements. Combining its sedative and anti-depressant properties, it can relax the body for a peaceful and restful sleep. Reduced signs of insomnia and getting enough sleep at night can improve your metabolic rates, cognitive functions, and mood.

Protection against fungi

It inhibits fungal growth and infections. Therefore, it can be used as a protection against fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot, which can be notorious when they attack the respiratory system through inhalation.

Used in body perfumes or sprays

Patchouli oil has a unique fragrance whose appeal touches the soul and mind directly. It has a powerful sweet, spicy and musky scent that can be used to eliminate or mask body odor. You can blend it with other oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, rose, citrus and myrrh to dilute its smell if you feel that its scent is too strong to your olfactory senses.…