Weight Loss

Bodyweight Flow is a product of two top fitness experts, Tyler Bramlett and Sylvia Favela. It brings about metabolism secrets which can help you to burn your calories faster and to improve your flexibility and posture in only two minutes. The program explains how a two-minute sequence can be used to accelerate the potential of an individual to burn fat, improve their posture, and boost their flexibility and to minimize troubling pains and aches of the body.

Bodyweight flow program consists of 63 different 2-3 minutes follow along sequences. This is what Tyler and Sylvia refer to as bodyweight flows. 21 of these flows are beginner flows, 21 immediate flows, and 21 advanced flows. The sequences cover routines for upper, lower and full body. If you would like to see a change today, then all you need is to follow along to one or more flows each day and see how you will increase your flexibility and unlock your fat burning potential within two minutes in a single sequence. According to the creators of Bodyweight Flow program, you will be able to burn 53% more calories, become 7% more flexible, and enhance your fatty burning capacity by 21.4% throughout the workout.


Bodyweight flow programs come along with bonuses which come handy to compliment and form an extensive system of your body. These bonuses include Daily Flow Calendar to guide you in a month-long sequence, Exercise Pairing Guide for you to know which exercises go with which routines and 14-10, 14-20, and 14-30 minute routines as manuals to enable you to carry out your exercises and routines well.

Pros of Bodyweight Flow

  • Installing and abiding by this program is simple. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, it is a great system for you as it is structured in a simple way for easy navigation.
  • Tayler and Sylvia used themselves as case studies to try the workability of the program, and it turned out a success, hence adopting Bodyweight Flow is adopting a system proved by experts.
  • Adds flexibility to your body and so this makes exercising more comfortable and easier. It also rescues you from nagging pains and aches that may have built up from previous periods where your body was too tight.
  • Bodyweight Flow improves your posture, something that will boost your power and confidence.
  • You do not have to spend hours exercising for you to increase your fat burning potential. A 2-minute routine in one session is all you need to enjoy the benefits that come along with the system.
  • It unlocks your fat-burning capacity, and this helps to eliminate the fat that has always been stuck in your fat cells for years.
  • It is a risk-free program in that, in case it fails to please you, you can still get back your money within two months.

Cons of Bodyweight Flow

I would like, to be honest with this Bodyweight Flow Review: the limitation that can be experienced is that for the lovers of print out hard copies, it may disappoint them as the program comes in soft copy.